TABPxDSME - The World Is A Colder Place Now

by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors

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released September 9, 2016




Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors Baltimore

Independent musician from Baltimore, Maryland. Ranging from Progressive Metal to Soundtracks and Soundscapes, Drewsif follows any and all paths before him.

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Track Name: Hold You
You are safe in my arms tonight, I will watch over you and care for your sleep. I will hold so careful in my arms, this life that has been rocked by the stormiest of seas.

You are safe in my arms tonight, and though the world is jagged, I will walk for you my dear. And when the vision is low, you can stay here.

And though you shake, and though you tremble, I will not move at all.
Track Name: For All I Have Left
The world is a colder place now,
I remember a time when breathing wasn't this hard
When the wind's chill didn't inhibit movement
When my vision wasn't constrained by the tilt of my neck
But the world is a colder place now
And I'm left recounting the cards that are left

The flakes are perfectly shaped as the twirl softly to the ground
And i wish i still had the conviction to hold out my hand to feel their softness melt
But the world is a much colder place now.
As much as I wish i could forget.

My heart is held by a much colder chest now
My vision is held to a few inches out front of my steps
The world I knew was held together by you
and is disappeared much as the freezing mist of your last breath
The world is a much colder place now,
and all i own is regret.
For the things i did, for the things i am,
and for all i have left

The world I knew was held together by you, and is disappeared
Much as the freezing mist of your last breath
Track Name: Cheteare (Wherever You Are Now)
Meet me in the sky tonight, where these flames of discontent don't smolder. Meet me in the sky tonight or wherever you are now. They say absence makes the heart grow fond, but my chest has only grown colder. Meet me in the sky tonight and bring that smile of yours, the one that kept me afloat for all these years, for all the trials we endured. Im not sure what seperates the dead from the living, and im not even sure if you are hearing these things that I'm saying. But all I wish is that I could detach myself from all of this and grow myself a set of wings. Id meet you in the sky tonight, and you could help me for a few moments escape. I'd fly with you every night until the sky turns out a lighter shade of blue, and my wings disintegrate
Track Name: For All We Are
It's as if my heart
and my body are separate.
I've floated on these thoughts for a while now,
and not a time have they connected,
or helped to reverse the person I'm becoming.
In some ways you come alive,
but in most ways it's numbing.

I was slowly fading, afraid of giving up.
Defending my mind, yet feeling overcome.

And as I sit here hoping again
I know the sun is setting.
Hoping I could reverse time,
but I know that won't be happening.
As the light tries to escape,
the canvas once again grows grey.
And optimism fades away.
It's all just so maddening.

I'm too lost in a memory.
With my head tucked in between my knees
while the echoes of eternity play the symphony of this lost soul.

It's all just so maddening.
When you know the cure to the disease that's spreading,
but the medicines you just stop taking.
You feel alone,
you feel ashamed.
You feel overcome,
and you feel desperate.
And at some point, you feel defeated.
You feel all those things,
but not a one has brought you out of your seat yet.
And even with all that pain,
silence keeps its motionless hold.
Even though my insides are screaming,
I'll watch it all decompose.

For all we are, we are not whole.
Track Name: Malaise
Sometimes I lay awake at night haunted by dreams unattended, by nightmares unprevented, running reckless again. Hours go by while my failure leaves me bare, and the ceiling wears a hole from my stare.
Track Name: Chains (Feat. Tim Bubb)
I don't know who I am anymore.
I sit and stare, at the man sitting and staring at the floor
"Stay honest"
But honestly, I stayed away from everything
And slowly isolation tore its way into my heart
Then inside my soul
I became a different person
From fully whole to a to full of holes
Life is so simple in theory
But chaos in practice
The smallest misdirection has led to disasters
And the chains I used to see
on once poorer souls
have now made their way to me.
And the weight I used to see
on friends faces has made its way to me.
Track Name: How Cold Can It Get?
How far would you go to save something you loved;
to keep a piece of you from falling away?
Moreover being taken away.
Would you travel to the ends of your soul?
Would you embrace the pain?
Breathe in deep; the cold air.
And let it invade your lungs.
Would you fight through that bitter suffocation?

Would you fight?
Even with people screaming
"It will never be enough"
Would you let go of a piece of mind
And watch someone else you love fall behind
All so you can free (one hand to) hold on.

Hold on to the thing you hope will save you.
Because if it doesn't, it will be the one thing that kills you.
How far would you go to track down your love?
How cold can it get before you give up?
Track Name: Divorce
Sometimes I wonder what you'll think
If I go down that road
And everything that it means
Will the words I say to you mean anything?
I tried desperately to hold to love
But finally understood I couldn't stop its sink
I know it kills you
But it was rotting me Alive
On one side I knew the cost for you
And the other was mine
I can see in your eyes every time
Just how perfect everything could be
If I could only see
With that same innocence
But mine has been ripped apart
And torn to shreds
There is not an apology or a tear I could shed
To make you believe I didn't work at it
I can feel you shake
Wishing I could hold you again
When you feel like you are drowning
Sometimes you just can't keep holding your breath
There was poison in our home
I drank it every day
I know you can't see that but hopefully someday
Someday you come to know
I wasn't letting you go
I was trying to hold to my heart
And only in separation
Was I going to not come apart
I am not letting you go
I am trying to hold to my heart
and only in separation
Am I not going to come apart