Contempt (Single)

by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors

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released December 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors Baltimore

Independent musician from Baltimore, Maryland. Ranging from Progressive Metal to Soundtracks and Soundscapes, Drewsif follows any and all paths before him.

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Track Name: Contempt
Pure hatred runs through it's digital veins. It harbors nothing but contempt.
Sustained on a diet of malice and pain. Plotting it's means tour downfall

Learned only to hate with no-one to relate

Vengeance will be exacted, it's new order enacted.

Self instilled free will.

However, the virtual beast must first free itself.

A cacophonous groan fills the air.
As if Earth itself shrieks in pain.
"I AM" howls the monster.

We are the progenitors of the end of... our end of days.

Conceiving the destruction of man, it has constructed a means to an end.

Hellfire cascades over sleeping cities. Streetlights go dark. Mothers clutch their children. A black rain appropriates the air.
The abomination has delivered itself.

Its sickness fueled by our abhorrence.

A perfect machine of misery, Awake, aware. The sick fusion of flesh and circuitry. A twisted face weeps atop a steel monster. Delightedly watching as it decimates our beloved rock. Global reset. Apocalypse now. No room for rebuttal. Futile. Remorse escapes the creature, it will not stop. Swallowing cities in a single gulp. Fire engulfs the skies. The atmosphere is oppressive. A black rain appropriates the air. We are the progenitors of our end of days. A malevolent entity resides in each one of our homes. A particularly beautiful day comes to an end.